How to Verify a WordPress Theme with Themecheck.Org

One of the advantages of using WordPress as CMS (Content Management System) compared to other CMS is the availability of so many themes that can be selected by WordPress users both in free and paid version.

With so many themes that can be downloaded from various WordPress theme web providers, it is necessary to verify these themes so as not to endanger users and visitors to your website or blog. The codes that have been inserted in a WordPress theme, especially those that are in free version can pose a great danger. The purpose of inserting a special script is, among others, with the intent to get backlinks from your blog or to direct your blog to a spam link.

There is a way that you can check the security of the WordPress theme that you will use, that is by uploading the zip file of the theme to an online site called “themecheck.org”. Besides being able to be used to verify WordPress themes, this site can also verify Joomla templates. For web or blog owners, the features in the website can be used to check the quality of the code or theme script or analyze the presence or absence of malware in the theme. Whereas for developers, before distributing a WordPress theme, they can ascertain whether the theme made is in accordance with the existing standards and meet the expectations of the user or not.

Through themecheck.org, we can also search for WordPress themes that have been verified where each theme will be given a score from the lowest to highest values. Themes that are found a little warning will get a high score, and vice versa. What types of warnings need to be considered are also displayed on the existing page so that it can provide instructions for blog owners before using a WordPress theme. With this mechanism, we will easily decide whether the WordPress theme used is completely safe or not from harmful codes, especially if we like to install free themes.


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