The Boya BY-M1 Lavalier; A Budgeted External Microphone for Smartphones

The Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone is an omnidirectional clip-on external microphone with a condenser design that can be used to record your voice. This microphone can be connected with a variety of different devices such as smartphone, audio recorder, personal computer, or even DSLR camera.

With a clip-on design, this lavalier microphone can be attached easily to your clothing to get clear audio. This microphone has an omnidirectional pickup pattern that can be used in 360 degrees of coverage. This microphone is equipped by a gold plated TRRS plug at the end of the cable. It allows your microphone to connect to a wide range of different devices, from audio recorder, smartphone, mirrorless camera, or DSLR camera. Boya

The Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone is powered by a replaceable LR44 battery to power the condenser design.

The Packaging and Design

When viewed from the packaging, you might not even consider buying this microphone when displayed on a display case. This product comes with a cardboard size that is not too large and a picture of a woman who was raising his right hand.

The photo of the woman takes up almost half of the surface of the front. It seems like Boya wants to show that this microphone can be used for someone who gives material at a seminar. Fortunately above that woman photo is a clearly displayed unit of the Boya BY-M1.

But we will find different things when opening the boxes. Inside the cardboard is a leather pouch with the embossed Boya logo and its writing. Quite impressive because the wrapper made us not think about the design of the outer packaging.

Inside the pouch, there is a microphone unit with a cable that is quite long. From the specification table shown on the cardboard, this cable has a length of 6 meters. Interestingly, in this cable, there is a kind of part to tie it made of velcro material. So, the cable is not difficult to tidy up.

In the middle of the cable, there is a section to place the LR44 battery which is also included in the sales package. This part is made of metal which feels quite sturdy when we hold it. In this section, there is also a clip that will help to attach it to clothing so that its position does not hang when worn. microphone

The microphone section is also accompanied by foam to reduce noise that is often caused by wind. For clips is directly attached under the microphone. This part seems to be made of plastic, but when held it doesn’t feel fragile. For the clip itself is made of metal so that when used is not easily separated.

In addition, this product also uses a 3.5 mm audio jack that already uses a gold plate. If you want to connect it to a larger audio port, this product also provides an additional audio jack adapter that is ¼ inch in size. microphone

Experience When Using It at a Glance

From the information I got on the packaging, this product can be used to be connected directly to the smartphones, DSLR, camcorders, audio recorders, PC, etc. Thus the length of the cable used comes with advantages and disadvantages. When we use it on a camera, this cable length is an advantage, because the hands used to hold the camera will not be limited by its motion space. Thus the distance between the camera and the body need not be too close.

Meanwhile, when used with a smartphone, the length of the cable is often troublesome. Because the distance of the smartphone by the placement of a microphone that is not too far away makes the presence of the cable often makes us feel difficult to set it.

When I tried to connect his device to my smartphone, I did not find any significant obstacles. Simply install the voice recorder application on the handphone and the microphone can be used immediately. Oh yeah, you don’t need to use the battery when you use it with a smartphone. Meanwhile, if you want to use it with a DSLR camera, you have to install the battery. Installation of batteries is quite easy to do. The battery housing is quite easy to open and close.

The Sound Recording Quality

To find out the sound quality produced by this Boya BY-M1 Universal Lavalier Microphone, I connect it to my Xiaomi Mi Max 2. The recorded sound was quite audible with the position of the microphone I pinned around the neck. The surrounding sounds are still captured but don’t affect the clarity of our voices. For the best result, attach the microphone to the front of your clothing with the clothing clip, about 20-25 cm (8-10 inches) from your face. Attach the microphone upside down to reduce excessive breath noises and tonal inconsistencies due to head movements.

Tape a loose loop of the microphone cord to the inside of your clothing. This provides additional strain relief for the microphone cord and isolation from unwanted noise.

Before recording an important event, record and playback a short test clip with the microphone attached to ensure audio recording is functioning properly.


From a number of tests that I have done, it seems that this product can be your mainstay to deliver better audio. Especially when you want to make a podcast or vlog with a simpler setup tool.

Moreover, the price of the Boya BY-M1 Universal Lavalier Microphone is not expensive. So, this tool can be the right choice if you want to dive into the world of podcasts or vlogs.