Step-by-Step Installation Guide for Gargoyle on TL-MR3420 TP-Link Router

For those of you who want to change the performance of the router so that it can detect 3G modems faster or want to take advantage of other features not found in the default firmware, you can migrate from the default firmware to third party one such as OpenWrt, DDDrt, Tomato, or Gargoyles.

This time, I want to try to summarize how to install Gargoyle on TL-MR3420 TP-Link router version 1.

Step 1

If the router to be installed third party firmware is still newly purchased (still the manufacturer’s standard settings), then no initial process of hardware reset is required. However, if you have previously modified the default firmware such as changing the user and password of the router, etc., the first step is to restore to factory default and reset the hardware. The trick is to connect the router with a PC, then access to by entering the username and password that you use. After that, enter “the System Tools – Factory Defaults – Restore” menu. Then the username and password will default to “admin”. Furthermore, to be more certain, also do a hardware reset by pressing a small hole labelled “Reset” on the back panel of the TP-LINK router for about 5 seconds. Use a small needle or use a toothpick. After restarting automatically, enter the TP-Link interface again.

Step 2

Visit the Gargoyle website to download the firmware to be installed (http://www.gargoyle-router.com/download.php). First, match the type of chipset that is embedded in your router. For example, for TP-Link TL-MR3420 v.1, the chipset is Atheros AR7241. “Branch” column just enter the Stable version. After that, look for the file that matches the type of router. In this case, I found and downloaded the file “gargoyle_1.6.2-ar71xx-generic-tl-mr3420-v1-squashs-factory.bin”.

Step 3

After downloading, match the MD5 Sum code to prevent upload errors because the downloaded file size does not match the original file size. For example, the MD5 Sum file that I downloaded is “01df16de2b1d0229b50d52cafe6b15fd”. One software that can be used to check MD5 sum is WinMD5Free which can be downloaded at http://www.winmd5.com.

Step 4

Back to then click “System Tools – Firmware Upgrade – Upload filegargoyle_1.6.2-ar71xx-generic-tl-mr3420-v1-squashs-factory.bin,” then click “Upgrade.” Wait until the process is complete. You can ping while going to to make sure there is no lost connection to the router.

Step 5

Try accessing again to If successful, the login page should change. Gargoyle uses the default password “password” which you must change before you can take advantage of the various features in it.


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