“?m=1” Parameter in Mobile Display May Cause Duplicate Content Issue?

Google is very concerned with the issue of duplicate content found in blog articles where the discovery of duplicate content can reduce our blog’s google ranking as we know it.

Duplicate content is a number of different blog URLs such as http://yourblogger.com/article-a which has the content of the article that is exactly the same as the article displayed at http://ourblogger.com/article-b or http://yourblogger.com/article-c.

Especially for blogspot user, we can see that the appearance of the mobile version will always display an additional “?m=1” parameter as shown in the screenshot below :duplicate content

The Blogger team actually has good intention where Blogger provides a special display for internet users who often access blogspot through mobile devices. But this causes an assumption of duplicate content existence as a result of the contents of the same article but can be accessed through 2 (two) different URLs namely http://yourblogger.com/article-a.html if you use a desktop or PC device and http://yourblogger.com/article-a.html? m = 1 if using mobile devices.

Is “?m=1” Parameters Actually Causing Duplicate Content?

There are 2 (two) opinions on that question. Some people say that the “?m=1” parameter on a mobile device can cause a duplicate content because the content will be the same as the URL without “?m=1” on the desktop devices. But there is also another opinion that “?m=1” parameter will not cause duplicate content. So, Blogspot owners do not need to worry about violating Google TOS.

The “?m=1” parameter only shows that the blogspot template used is a responsive style where the content article will adjust to the mobile device because accessed via non-desktop devices. This can be proven by the fact that in addition to the “?m=1” parameter, there is also “?m=0” parameter even though this is not widely known by the blog owners. You can try accessing your blogspot, if through a desktop device as if there is also assumed a duplicate content because the URL between http://yourblogger/article-a.html with http://yourblogger/article-a.html?m = 0 will display the same page.duplicate content

From the discussion above it can be concluded that Google will not assume the existence of duplicate content when the same blogspot article is accessed through desktop and mobile devices so you do not need to worry about it and do not need to make any changes to modify the “?m=1” parameter.

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