How to Verify Your Site by “Domain Name Provider” Method In Google Search Console

Google Search Console – GSC (formerly, Google Webmaster Tools – GWT) is a part of Google service that helps web developer and site administrator in monitoring and maintaining their site in order to preserve the site to always existed in Google Search results.

Before you can use various features in Google Search Console, like submit a sitemap, analyse site performance, etc, you should verify your site at the first time. Verification is also a method in proving your site is definitely on your hand. No other person can take a claim on your site.

The different status between “verified” sites and “not verified” sites can be shown as a screenshot below : verified site

“Domain Name Provider” Method in Verification Process

The common method in verification process in by using “HTML file upload” due to the simple way. You just need to download HTML verification file and upload to your site via cPanel of your hosting server. It is the fastest and most simple way to verify your domain.

Now, you can also verify your site by alternate method via your domain name provider. To use this method successfully, you should have an access to your domain service provider (a place where you buy the domain name).

Here are the steps how to verify your site using Domain Name Provider method  :

  1. Log in to your Google Search Control account.
  2. Add property.
  3. Click verify this property. verify site
  4. Click “Alternate methods”.
  5. Choose “Domain name provider” and click “Select your domain registrar or provider” drop down menu and choose your domain registrar company which you buy your domain name, like Bluehost.com, GoDaddy.com, eNom.com, etc. Otherwise, select “Other” if your domain name provider not found in the list. domain name provider
  6. You will see a code in the box : “google-site-verification=3dXad_rUT3bl6kdGKI5vdrVdbrLrR1Myus18UVi9J2g”. This line of code is a TXT record. Keep and save it just for you. verification code

The next step is adding the TXT record obtained from no. 6 above and paste into your DNS Management at your domain cPanel. Follow step by step in the explanation below :

  1. Log in to your domain name provider.
  2. In the list of your domain, click “Manage Domain”. manage domain
  3. Select “Management Tools – Manage DNS”.
  4. Click “Add New Record”.
  5. Enter record type : “TXT” and paste your TXT record obtained from Google Search Console. Click “Add Record”. txt record

Now, back to your Google Search Console dashboard and clicks “Verify”. When this DNS record founded by Google, you will make yourself as a verified owner of the domain by seeing the “verified” status notification.verified status

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