How to Reduce the Pixel Size of Your Photo Using Photoscape

For a number of reasons you may need to reduce the original photo size taken by digital camera into a smaller one that can be uploaded to your website or for other purposes. In this short tutorial I will explain a very simple stage on how to reduce the pixel size of your photo pixel using Photoscape.

  1. Assumed that you have installed Photoscape at your PC. Open this application and then click “Editor” shown at the top menu of your Photoscape.
  2. Select or drag your original picture into photo area (for example, I have an original photo with size 3696 x 2448 pixel captured by my digital camera).
  3. Click the “Resize” dropdown button to allows you to reduce the longest edge of the picture to a smaller standard while maintaining aspect ratio. Alternatively, you can customize the length of the longest edge while maintaining aspect ratio. It mean that you can change the longest length by selecting the default size option or entering pixel size manually. In this case, I would like to reduce pixel size of the longest edge of the photo by 1024 pixel.
  4. Once the pixel size chosen, the new size will be shown at the underneath of the picture area and other edge size will be changed automatically in a same aspect ratio. You must save it to a new file name in order to remain the original file unchanged.

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