How To Record Macbook Screen Along with Internal Sound

For those of you who are a content creator, maybe you have done the process of recording a computer screen or notebook as material for making tutorials or the like.

But in some cases, the screen recording process can only save the video capture but without being able to save the internal audio file if there is a back sound in the original video.

For example, I have done screen recording using the QuickTime Player application which has a screen recording feature, but when taking a screen recording that has a back sound, for example, someone who is talking or music playing in the background, which is obtained when the recorded video is played only a screenshot but no audio or sound (only a mute video file).

To solve the above problem, you can install additional software, namely iShowU Audio Capture. This software is an extension of iShowU Studio to record audio from a computer. However, we can use it in QuickTime Player.

The steps required to use iShowU Audio Capture are as follows (in Macbook):

  1. Download and install the iShowU Audio Capture application.
  2. If your Macbook blocks the application then the status on [Security & Privacy] must be changed to ‘Allow’. screen recording
  3. To check whether the application is installed correctly, open [System Preferences] – [Sound] – [Output]. There will appear a new device called iShowU Audio Capture. screen recording

Next, when going to screen recording using QuickTime Player, do the following steps:

  1. Open [System Preferences] – [Sound] – [Output], then select iShowU Audio Capture as a device for sound output.
  2. Open the QuickTime Player application, then on the [File] – [New Screen Recording] menu, select iShowU Audio Capture when clicking the down arrow next to the round red recording button. screen recording
  3. Click the round red button to start recording the screen with back sound.
  4. After the recording process is complete, return the choice of device for sound output to internal speakers or headphones (so that when playing the video recording file, also produces back sound).