How to Make Flickering Title Text in Filmora

Flicker effect is a type of effect that can be applied to title text where the appearance of the word that appears will blink so it can be called a blinking effect.

To create a flicker effect on the text title using Filmora 9, you can follow the steps for making it as follows:

  1. Enter the Wondershare Filmora 9 software.
  2. Select the [Sample Colors] menu and then select the colour you want. For example, I chose orange as the background colour for the flicker title text video that I will create. Move (drag & drop) the selected sample colours to the Filmora timeline.
  3. Create a title text first by selecting the [Titles] – [Title 2] menu, then moving it to the Filmora timeline (placing it above the main video track of sample colours). Change the duration if needed, for example, I want to make the duration only around 4 (four) seconds then cut the track according to that time duration. title text
  4. Change the title text by right-clicking the track and then selecting [Advanced edit]. Remove or delete unnecessary parts of the title, such as border boxes and subtitles under the main title. Then edit the words “YOUR TITLE HERE” to be the title of the text you want, for example, “HORROR FILM”. Also adjust the font type, font size, and space between letters, to your liking. title text
  5. Next, delete the text title animation by selecting the [Animation] – [No Animation] menu, then drag the initial animation bar line to the start position so that it is ensured that from 0 seconds to about 4 seconds, no animation will run. So now the title has no animation anymore. Also, make sure the text is in the centre of the screen. title text
  6. The next step is to give a flicker effect at the beginning (second 0), mid (second 1 and 2), and the end (second 3) of the video. To make it, cut the respective position into 6 (six) frames apart. To do this, first, maximize the track display on the Filmora timeline then cut (slice) 1 (one) initial frame. Forward the cursor 1 (one) frame then copy and paste the first frame earlier. And so on until about 6 (six) times for every position. title text
  7. At the beginning position, delete frames 2, 4, and 6. You do this by dragging frame 2 to frame 1 (overwritten), frame 4 to frame 3, and frame 6 to frame 5. Don’t do it by deleting by common method because later the next frame will shift automatically to the left so that it cannot be alternated. title text
  8. Do the same thing in seconds 1, 2, and 3. Cut or delete the remaining unused tracks so that the final layout is as shown in the image below. title text
  9. The final composition of the flicker title text can be seen in the following video.

Note: The weakness or drawback of this method (making the title text a second layer above the sample colours layer) is that you have to change one segment at a time (because it has been cut into pieces) in the title text, for example, we will change the title text.