How to Make a Video of a T-Rex Running on the Side of a Train

With the green screen method, we can make various interesting video compositions, one of which is the video I made, namely the T-Rex running beside a running train.

The technique used in video editing is the same as the technique used in making ‘T-Rex Video in Jakarta City‘, which I previously explained how to make it. However, now I will explain again step by step about how to make a T-Rex video where the video editing software that I use is still the same as before: Wondershare Filmora.

The steps you need to take to make a video of the T-Rex running beside a running train are as follows:

  1. Prepare the materials for making the video in which 3 (three) types are needed, namely the background video footage of the outside view of the running train, the green screen video of the T-Rex running, and the green screen video of the train interior. The three files that I use are each downloaded from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhQ7F_2yySM, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGm5xgJCPBc, and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FwVvvtqxtk.
  2. Then open the Wondershare Filmora software to start working on the video composition.
  3. Import the 3 (three) videos above to the Filmora media library.
  4. The first video that was transferred to the Filmora timeline was video footage of the outer train scenery. Do this by dragging and dropping the file to the main Filmora video track.
  5. Because the direction of the train in the video footage goes from right to left, while the green screen video of the T-Rex is running the other way (from left to right), the outside view of the train must be reversed. You do this by using the reverse menu in Filmora by right-clicking the video track then selecting the [Speed ​​and Duration] menu and ticking the column beside the [Reverse] option. Click [OK]. When previewed, the train view direction will change from left to right. reverse
  6. The next step is to move (drag and drop) the green screen T-Rex video as the first green screen layer. Place the file just above the main video track. green screen
  7. Cut the unnecessary part of the T-Rex video (we only need the part of the video when the T-Rex is seen from the side running from left to right).
  8. Remove the green background colour on the T-Rex video track by activating the chroma key menu option in Fimora, by double-clicking the track and then checking the [Chroma Key (Green Screen)] menu option. Now the green background is gone. TRex
  9. To refine the look of the T-Rex, change the offset, tolerance, edge thickness, and edge feather options. Then click [OK] to save changes. chroma key
  10. Next, apply a transition effect to the T-Rex video to make it look like it is appearing from the left side chasing the train. You do this by first shifting the position of the T-Rex to the left side of the screen then double-clicking and selecting the menu [Motion] – [Move to right]. TRex
  11. Next is to place the train interior green screen video which will become the second green screen layer. Drag and drop the file from the library to the Filmora timeline, just above the first green screen layer (T-Rex video).
  12. Activate the green screen on the second layer of the green screen (do it in the same way as in the first layer of the first green screen).
  13. Duplicate (copy-paste) the T-Rex green screen video to match the duration of the final video creation. But in the second video, remove the transition effect. Then move the T-Rex’s position slightly to the right so that it fits closely with the final position of the T-Rex in the video in front of it (to produce a continuous or uninterrupted effect). Resize the T-Rex to 150% to match the body size of the T-Rex in the video in front of it. T-Rex
  14. The final layout on the Filmora timeline can be seen in the image below (after adding the YouTube channel logo, sound effects, and intro-outro video). green screen
  15. The final result of the video composition of the T-Rex running beside the train can be seen in the video below.