How to Make a Transparent Png Logo Image in PhotoScape

Transparent png files are needed in the video editing process so that an interesting video composition can be produced.

But the problem is, for ordinary people who do not master graphic design techniques well, will have difficulty making a transparent png image.

For those of you who find it difficult, now you don’t need to worry because the process of making transparent png images can be made easily by using PhotoScape software. The way of making it can be explained as follows:

  1. Open the PhotoScape application (if you don’t have it, you can download this software at http://photoscape.org/). This software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  2. Next, to create a new image, click the [More] – [New] menu at the bottom right of the PhotoScape editor screen, then specify the size of the image area, for example 300 x 300 px. image
  3. Change the background opacity from 100% to 0% by moving the slider from the far right to the far left, then click [OK]. image
  4. Activate the border by activating [Show Border] whose icon is located at the bottom of the PhotoScape editor screen, as a guide to the image area. image
  5. Insert an image for logo creation by selecting the [Insert] – [Figure] menu, then selecting an image in the PhotoScape library, or [Insert] – [Image] if you already have an own image file. image
  6. Modify the image, for example, increase its size or change its color. logo
  7. Add other images if needed, including adding text, as part of the logo composition. image
  8. After the image composition is finished, click the [Save As] button to save the final logo image. Select the .png format option so that the final transparent png image is produced.
  9. An example of the final transparent png logo that I made can be seen in the image below. image

Note: If you already have a logo in the form of a jpg file and want it to be made as transparent png, then you can do this by using an online service to convert a jpg file to a transparent png as I explained in the previous article entitled ‘How to Convert JPEG to Transparent PNG Image.’