How to Make a ‘Particle Explosion Plus Logo’ Intro for Your Youtube Channel

One of the parts in YouTube videos that need to be added to make your video look more attractive is the intro and outro section.

In this tutorial, I will share an article on how to create a particle explosion plus logo-themed YouTube intro, using the Wondershare Filmora software.

The main material used is particle explosion video which can be downloaded from sources that provide free video footage, for example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjIxfbUk8PY. As for the explosion sound effect, it can be taken or downloaded from a free sound effect provider (in this case I took the sound effect file at https://www.zapsplat.com/sound-effect-category/explosions/).

The guidelines for making the intro are as follows:

  1. Open the Wondershare Filmora application.
  2. Import downloaded footage from a free footage provider.
  3. Import your YouTube channel logo (if applicable, and preferably transparent png logo). The example of the logo I use here is taken from a sticker in the Photoscape software.
  4. Move (drag and drop) the particle explosion footage first, to the timeline of your Filmora video track. Then play the preview and specify a specific place or point where your YouTube channel logo will be displayed.
  5. Next, move (drag and drop) your YouTube channel logo to the video track timeline, at a certain point and place it on top of the particle explosion video footage track that was previously moved to the timeline.
  6. Make modifications to the duration of the logo display, for example, if it is too long, trim it and remove the remaining unused time.
  7. Change the logo size according to the main footage layout, for example, the scale is reduced to 50% of the original image size.
  8. Also, to produce an image that blends with the footage, you can change the blending mode of the logo by using the [Video] – [Compositing] – [Blending Mode] menu, then change it from [Normal] to the appropriate blending mode option.
  9. Add a text effect to the composition of your intro video, for example, fill in the website address you have. You do this by selecting the [Titles] menu and then selecting the appropriate template. Change the font size and location to your liking, for example, I place the text just below the logo. filmora
  10. To create a fade-in and fade-out effect, either on the logo or text, use the [Transition] menu. Select [Dissolve] as the fade-in effect and place it on the first seconds of each logo and text track, while for the fade-out effect, use the [Fade] transition effect and place it at the end of the logo and text tracks. Change the time duration value if needed. For example, if you want to speed up the effect, you can do it by right-clicking the transition effect on the timeline and then selecting [Duration]. Change the time duration value in the [Input Duration] column. duration setting
  11. Next, add explosive sound effects to your intro video composition. Import from mp3 files that have been downloaded from free audio effects file providers and then drag and drop them to your Filmora audio track timeline. Place it in a certain position, right when a big explosion occurs.
  12. Placement of all tracks on the Filmora timeline can be seen in the image below. filmora
  13. When finished, preview the results of the composition display and export in the form of a video file so that it can be used on any of your YouTube channel projects.
  14. The final result of the sample intro video that I made can be seen in the video below.