How to Make a 2D Animated Video of a Sculpture Face with CrazyTalk 8

The easiest way to make a photo or drawing of a human being able to speak is by creating a 2D actor in the CrazyTalk 8 application, including creating a talking face animation from a photo of a statue’s face.

The following are the steps that can be used to make a talking statue using CrazyTalk 8 software:

  1. Open the CrazyTalk 8 application.
  2. Click on the menu [Create New Actor] which is at the top of the CrazyTalk8 editor screen then select [2D]. Find the location of the photo file of the statue to be edited. crazytalk
  3. Crop the image to determine the area of ​​the statue’s face then click [Next] for the next step.
  4. Determine the points on the face based on the image guide on the left (2 eye points and 2 mouth points). Click [Next] for the next step. crazytalk
  5. On the Face Fitting Editor screen, correct the points on the eyes (right and left), nose, chin, cheeks, ears, and general head circumference. Click [Next]. crazytalk
  6. Adjust the mask rotation to adjust the orientation of the head or face. Click [OK]. rotate mask
  7. To improve the appearance of the mouth (to make teeth visible), select the [Teeth Setting] menu and select a template that is already available in the [Content Manager] – [Actor Elements] – [Teeth] menu. Drag and drop the tooth in the content library towards the mouth of the statue. The same can be done for the eye component.
  8. To make it appear as if you are talking, you can add a voice by selecting the [Create Script] menu which can be filled directly from the Voice Record, TTS (Text to Speech), Audio File, and Import Script. Because I already have an mp3 recording, I select [Audio File], look for the file on the PC, then select [Lips-Synch only].
  9. Because the face of the statue is still blended with the background (for example, there is vegetation) so that when there is a movement of the face, the background image moves too, so do the mask editing process by selecting the [Create] – [Mask Editing] menu. CrazyTalk 8 will automatically detect the background of images marked in blue. Click [Preview] to see if the face of the statue is selected correctly and the background colour will change to transparent. If it is appropriate, click [OK]. Now the background colour will change to white. crazytalk
  10. Change the white background with the background image you want. For example, in this case, I want to add green as the background for the statue, so I change the column [Color Selected] to green. If you have your own image, select the [Background Settings] – [Import Image] menu, then select the image file that has been provided. background image
  11. Finally, you can export the animated video composition into a mov file for further processing in other video editing software. An example of the final composition after further processing in the Filmora 9 software can be seen in the video below.