How to Make 3D Face Talking Animation with CrazyTalk 8

Making someone’s photo talking can now be done easily by using a software called CrazyTalk 8. With this application, you can create an animated talking face from a still photo.

The following are steps that can be used to make a talking face photo using CrazyTalk 8 software:

  1. Open the CrazyTalk 8 application.
  2. Click the [Create New Actor] menu which is at the top of the CrazyTalk8 editor screen then select [Import Front Image] then click the [Next] button. crazytalk
  3. Determine the points on the face based on the image guide on the left (face, nose, cheeks, chin, mouth, and upper head). Click [Next] for the next step. crazytalk 8
  4. Select 3D Profile. Select [Male] – [Base]. Then click [Next].
  5. Correction of points on the eye (right and left), nose, head circumference. crazytalk 8
  6. Select [Calibration] – [Eye] and [Mouth] to improve the accuracy of eye movements when opening, closing, or glancing. Click [Look] to see how the changes appear.
  7. Select the [Texture Bending] at the top of the layout or editor screen. Make changes as needed according to your taste.
  8. Select the [Detailed Morph] menu then make changes as necessary. Click [Apply] to save changes.
  9. Click [Actor Elements] – [Body] to select clothes, then click [Apply].
  10. Shift the image position by first clicking the four arrows in the left menu, then drag the image up so that it is in the middle of the editor screen.
  11. Add hair elements by clicking [Actor Elements] – [Template] – [Hair]. crazytalk
  12. To add a background can be selected via the [Background] menu or add from your PC by selecting the [Create] – [Athmosphere Settings] – [Background Color] menu. crazytalk 8
  13. You can add sound animation by selecting the [Create Script] menu which can be filled directly from Record Voice, TTS (Text to Speech), Audio File, and Import Script. Because I already have an mp3 recording, I select [Audio File] – select the file on the PC – [Lips-Synch only]. crazytalk 8
  14. Finally, you can export the animated video composition into an mp4 file for further processing in other video editing software like Filmora 9. CrazyTalk
  15. An example of the final composition after being processed in the Filmora 9 software can be seen in the video below.