How to Make 30 Second Birthday Video From Still Image

Previously we have learned how to make a birthday greeting card with the file format in the form of .jpeg or other formats which are still images.

Then how can we still add background music to the image with a certain period time duration? For example, Whatsapp limits the duration of image or video status to 30 seconds.

To make a video of a still image with 30 seconds background music added can be done with the following stages of making:

Open the YouCut application on your android mobile device then click the [+] button to create a new project.

birthday video

Select [Photo] to add a birthday card file that was previously created in an image editing application such as Canva. Click the right arrow [->] to continue the next process.

birthday video

Determine the size or dimensions of the video file that will be created, whether it will be adjusted to the original size of the imported photo: Free, 1:1, 4:5, 16:9, 9:16, and so on. You do this by selecting the [Crop] menu.

By default, YouCut will display the still image with a duration of 4 seconds. How can you extend it to 30 seconds? You can do this by changing the time duration from 4 seconds to 30 seconds by clicking on the image layer then selecting [Duration] then sliding the red round dot towards the right end so that the maximum duration changes to 30 seconds. Select the checkmark for the next process.

birthday video

Then add background music (in the form of .mp3 files) according to your taste, for example for a birthday video, we can add a birthday theme music file. Place the vertical bar on the left end of the video (at 0:00.0 seconds) then select [Music]. Search for the .mp3 file in the folder of your android mobile device then select [Use]. For better music effects, use the [Fade] menu to adjust the music volume at the beginning and end of the video. Select [Save] to complete the entire video creation process in the YouCut application.

birthday video

Now you can create a birthday-themed video consisting of several files, namely still image (.jpg) and music (.mp3) files by setting a specific time duration (30 seconds). This video file can then be exported to be used as Whatsapp status or sent to certain people.

But what if the resulting video file size is too large so it is not efficient enough to be sent to someone else? You can use a special application to compress video files to reduce the files that you have created. After being compressed, you can send the file to other people without worrying about spending a lot of your internet quota.

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