How to Magnify or Zoom Your Desktop Presentation with ZoomIt

In many youtube video or desktop presentation maybe you’ve seen at a certain position on the text or presentation that was magnified or zoomed. It was intended to make easier for readers to know or see the certain words or section designated by mouse pointer.

Now you can do it by using lightweight software named ZoomIt (file size is only about 296 kb). This software does not require any installation process because we can use directly after the zip file has been uncompressed.

In my opinion, ZoomIt is one of the best magnifying or zooming and annotation tools for your presentations. This software can run when Windows opened and enable to activate on the tray with customizable hotkeys to magnify on a specific area of ​​the desktop screen and draw on the magnified image. ZoomIt works well on all versions of Windows version.

To install and use ZoomIt, you can follow the below steps  :

  1. Open your browser and navigate to https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/zoomit.aspx.
  2. Click the “Download ZoomIt” button and locate the zip file in your local directory of your PC.
  3. Extract the zip file at anywhere location of your PC.
  4. Run ZoomIt and let you see the default configuration setting. You can modify zoom toogle key as I prefer to use the key combination of “Ctrl + Z”. You can also determine the level of magnification when zooming.
  5. At the time of zooming, we can add arrow line or box by pressing zoom toogle key and click the left mouse button once, and then create freehand drawings as you wish.
  6. Click “Ctrl + Z” again to normalize your desktop presentation view into original state.

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