How to Know the Wi-Fi Password on Your Macbook

When using a Macbook and we have connected to the internet via a Wi-fi network, the Macbook will automatically save its Wi-Fi name and password.

But what if accidentally, the Wi-fi connection is then deleted and you have to start over, or you want to share the passcode with your friends, but you forget the code. Then you have to ask someone else for the password again, right?

Basically, Macbook can store Wi-fi passwords in an application called Keychain Access. Here I will explain how to view and find out the passwords stored in your Macbook. Follow the steps as follows:

  1. Open the Keychain Access application on your Macbook device. If it is not found on Launchpad, search the search field for ‘Keychain Access’. keychain access
  2. Double click on the Keychain Access application that has been successfully found, then a new window will appear as shown below. keychain access
  3. In the search field on the top right, type or enter the name of the Wi-fi network that will be searched for the passcode, for example, “TBDXE12”. keychain access
  4. After it appears, double click the Wi-fi network, then a new window will appear containing any information such as Name, Kind, Account, Where, Comments, and Show password. keychain access
  5. Check the small empty box to the left of the [Show Password].
  6. Next, Keychain Access and macOS will ask for your Mac administrator user name and password. keychain access
  7. After entering the Mac administrator user name and password, a row of letter and number codes will appear indicating the Wi-fi password. keychain access