How to Install and Setup Ultimate Social Media Plugin on Your Wordpress

In order our blog to be indexed quickly by google, SEO experts often recommend us to put article links of our blog in a various social media such as facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest, and others. Now you can easily share your articles by displaying social media icons at the end of your posts in wordpress. One plugin that support this function is Ultimate Social Media Plugins created by ultimatelysocial.com.

Here are the steps necessary to do in installing and setting the Ultimate Social Media Plugin  :

  1. Access your WordPress admin login page, usually at http://yourwordpress.com/wp-admin/ link.
  2. Click the “Plugins – Add New”.
  3. In the “Search Plugins”, type in the keyword “ultimate social”.
  4. Click “Install Now” button after the plugin found. Make sure the plugin is made by “UltimatelySocial”.
  5. Once installed, enable the plugin by pressing “Activate” button.
  6. On the menu bar in the left dashboard now appears new menu “Ultimate Social Media Icons”. Click that menu to perform the plugin settings which only focus on three (3) primary parts : (1) What icons do you want to show on your site (2) What do you want the icons to do, and (3) Do you want do display icons at the end of every post. Do not forget to click “Save” button in each section when the adjustment process is completed.
  7. Now check your page to see whether the logo or icon social media appeared or not at the end of every posts.

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