How to Insert Google Translate Widget Into Your WordPress Page

Maybe there are among you who already have a blog or website written in a local language which is devoted to readers in your own country. If the article written by you also want to be read and distributed to readers in other countries so you need to facilitate the visitors to able to directly read in their language. You can use a simple tools that put on your blog sidebar. In this case, html code can be generated from google translate and then copied or pasted into your blog page.

Here are the steps to add a google translate widget into your WordPress page   :

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Add to your website now” button and the display shown as below :
    Just write your URL homepage into the empty box. In my case, I write “” as my blog. Also choose your original language of your blog. Then click “Next” button.
  3. Choose the specific language to be displayed. You can also choose and determine how display mode will be used. After that, click “Get Code’ button.
  4. Just copy and paste the code snippets appeared and it will be pasted into widget box at your wordpress admin page.
  5. Login into your wordpress admin page ( via your browser and then go to Appearance – Widgets. Drag the “Text” widgets available in the left side and drop into sidebar. You can give a specific title of the widget or leave blank if you don’t want to show the widget title. Click “Save” button and close the widget.
  6. At the last process, open the new page on your browser and type your blog homepage. Now you can see the google translate widget appear in the sidebar of your blog. If you want to change the language setting, you can reopen google translate URL address to change the desired settings and get a new html code.

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