How to Hide Widget Title at The Sidebar of Your Wordpress

Sometimes we do not want to display the widget title on the sidebar of our wordpress page, but it is not a simple way to leave blank the widget title in the front end view. The widget title will always appear even if the title field has been emptied. To completely hide the title widget in the front end, we can use a special plugin namely “Flexible Widget Title”.

How to install and activate Flexible Widget Title plugin is as follows  :

  1. Open the link https://wordpress.org/plugins/flexible-widget-title/installation/ and click the download button to save zip file into your local PC.
  2. At the back end of your WordPress, click “Plugin – Add New”.
  3. Click “Upload Plugin” and browse the zip file stored at your PC directory. Click “Install Now” until the plugin has finished installed.
  4. Activate the plugin (in the Plugin column will be listed as “Hyyan Flexible Widget Title”).
  5. Go to “Appearance – Widgets” and choose the selected widget which want to hide in the front end. Just surround the widget title with “[]” . For instance, if you want to hide “Meta” widget title, just write in the “Title” column as : [Meta] rather than : Meta.
  6. Check your front end page to ensure the title widget is hidden. In other time, you can redisplay the title again by modify widget setting at the back end of your WordPress.

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