How to Duplicate WordPress Themes in Your CPanel

Sometimes we are not satisfied with the preview of WordPress theme that we have chosen before. So maybe we require some modification especially in css files. But any modification to that file may causing damage or error on the original theme. Therefore you should make a backup first of themes in your cpanel. The following steps needed to be done :

  1. Open cpanel page of your blog by entering your username and password.
  2. Go to the “File Manager” and directory of “Wp-content – Themes”.
  3. Create a new folder to place the copied files of the original theme. Suppose if you want to copy “Twentfifteen” theme then create another folder named “Twentyfifteen01”.
  4. Open “Twentyfifteen” folder and block all the files that are in it, then paste to “Twentyfifteen01” folder.
  5. Check back “Twentyfifteen01” folder to ensure that all files have been pasted.
  6. Open new browser and sign in to your blog admin page and click on “Appearance – Themes” menu. It is now seen that there are two different themes with a similar layout.

Next, do any necessary changes on the duplicate theme including modify the css files while the original theme will not be distracted and can be reused at any time.

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