How To Create a T-Rex Video by Green Screen Method in Wondershare Filmora

Green Screen effect is one of the Wondershare Filmora features. It is the advanced editing tool of Overlays. With this special feature, you can make some cool videos using green screen video footage clips.

Why is it called a “green screen”?. Because to highlight the main object, a green background is needed which makes it very easy in the editing process, namely removing the background and replacing it with another video object. So to get a green screen video, you need some kind of curtain or green backdrop. Then take a video scene with the actors in the scene in front of the green backdrop. They act by imagining certain scenes that will be digitally processed through a tool called “chroma key.”

In the above way, you can provide interesting visual effects on the video concept you want to make, for example in the simple project I made below, the T-Rex video that suddenly appeared on the side of a street in the Jakarta city. Of course, you can make other creative videos as long as there is a green screen video prepared. As trial material, you can download examples of green screen videos on the internet. And if you are interested in making similar videos, then you can begin to buy the main accessories that are needed, namely the green backdrop.

As long as the lighting is adequate and the main object is still included in the green background it will be easy to get a green screen video file. Then you can create as much as you want through digital engineering to get videos that have interesting visual effects.

Steps for Making a T-Rex Video with Wondershare Filmora

Although Wondershare Filmora is not the only software that can do the process of editing green screen videos, I chose to use this software because the menu used is not too difficult for ordinary users like me to understand.

The steps required in making a T-Rex video with Wondershare Filmora are as follows:

  1. Search and download green screen videos from the internet, or use videos that you have recorded yourself. In the T-Rex video project that I’m working on, I get an example of an ancient animal’s green screen video from a YouTube channel called tomcat2006 videoproduction. Of the 3 (three) green screen videos shown, I only need video number 2, T-Rex. So after I download, the other video parts (number 1 and number 3) I delete (the process of browsing can be done in Wondershare Filmora through the Split – Trim tool).
  2. Upload 2 (two) video files that are needed both the background video and green screen video clip to the media library. You do this by clicking [Import] – [Import Media Files] – Find the location of the two files. import media
  3. Move the video background into the main video track on your Wondershare Filmora editing panel page. Followed by a green screen video clip that is placed above the main video track. So the position of the video placements are shown in the image below. green screen
  4. If needed, audio in the video can be released using the Detach Audio feature (so you can do the audio editing process separately).
  5. Next is the most important process which is editing the green screen clip file. Double click on the green screen video track, then scroll down until you find the Chroma Key (Green Screen) menu. Tick the box to activate this feature.Chroma key
  6. Change the value of the parameters (Offset, Tolerance, Edge Thickness, and Edge Feather) until you get a good composition of the two videos combined. If needed you can also change the scale of the green screen clip on the Transform – Scale menu.
  7. After all the compositions have been modified in such a way that the resulting video feels satisfactory then you can simply export the final video by clicking on the [EXPORT] button above the editing panel of Wondershare Filmora.
  8. In addition, if the resulting video file size is too large, you can compress the file with a video compressor software.

The final results of the T-Rex video making project can be seen in the screen below. If you want to do the editing process in more detail, you might get a final video that is much better than what I made.