How to Create Addon Domain in Your Existing cPanel

Some web hosting providers may additionally offer a space as well as provide an addon domain feature to attract their customers. But this feature usually can’t be found at free hosting package as provided by free hosting companies, like Hostinger, Awardspace, etc.  

What is an addon domain?. Addon domain is a functional domain (in addition to the existing primary domain) that created in the same control panel and server. Thus, if you have a second domain name, you no longer need to rent or buy another hosting elsewhere because it can use your existing hosting packages. Nevertheless, not all hosting companies provide this service. Notice in advance whether this addon feature is included in the list of hosting packages offered.

If you have found a hosting company that offers an addon domain, here are the steps to setup your addon domain (I give an example on how to create an addon domain in ehost.com) :

  1. Login to your existing account at your existing cPanel.
  2. Click cPanel.
  3. Create an Addon Domain with an option to create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain. Click “Add Domain”. addon domain
  4. If succeed, the new text appears “The addon domain “yourdomain.com” has been created. The FTP account “yourdomain.com” has been created. addon domain
  5. To install blog platform, go to cPanel of your primary domain.
  6. Choose your blog platform to be installed. In my case, I would like to install Joomla as my new website. addon domain
  7. Be careful, you must choose the installation path (don’t replace your existing website of your primary domain with your addon domain !). addon domain
  8. After finished, a new message appears, “Your install is complete! Click Here to view your notification”.
  9. Once your installation finished, go to your DNS Management section on your domain provider (in case you bought a domain at another place).
  10. After login, go straight to “Domain Management” page of yourdomain.com.
  11. Click “Nameservers” and change the default nameservers (like ns1.yourdomainprovider.com and ns2.yourdomainprovider.com) to your existing nameservers. In my case, I should point nameservers to “ns125.ehosts.com” and “ns126.ehosts.com”. Click “Change Nameservers” then to finished this section until appearing a new message “Changes Saved Successfully!”. You need several times from minutes to hours to wait a propagation process finished (I just wait for a couple of minutes!).addon domain
  12. Now, your new domain at your existing cPanel alive. You can further make any modification of your web layout, adding articles, etc by accessing your admin page.

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