How to Create a Text Shape Effect in Filmora

By creating a text shape effect, we will get an intro video appearance that is more attractive than the intro text without adding effects.

The following are the steps needed to create a text shaped effect intro video using Filmora:

  1. Open the Wondershare Filmora application then click the [Titles] – [Opener] menu, then select Opener 1 by dragging and dropping it to the Filmora timeline.opener
  2. Double click the title track, then click the [Advanced] button, then change the word “Title Text Here” in the main title to the text title you want, for example, “Indonesia Film”.
  3. Remove other unnecessary parts, namely the subtitle and image of the vertical line component by clicking on the two tracks and clicking the trash can icon.
  4. Change the font type and size as desired, including the spacing between letters. Click the [OK] button to save changes.
  5. Move the text right in the middle of the Filmora layout. Then click [OK] to save changes.
  6. Modify the text animation by giving a fade-out effect (adjusting the fade-in effect at the beginning of the text display). You do this by moving the slider on the far right of the track to the left (equate the time with the duration of the fade-in time). Click [OK] to save changes.intro text
  7. Change the font colour from black to white by changing the [Color Fill] option from Black to White.
  8. Delete track Opener 1. In the preview, you will see the running text display with a black background.intro
  9. Change the length of time (by lengthening the track if needed) before exporting to the intro 1 video file.
  10. Export the final video (as ‘intro 1’ video file).
  11. The next step is to add a fill pattern to the ‘intro 1’ video. Open a new Filmora work space and import the ‘intro 1’ video file.
  12. Also import the downloaded video footage shape effect (I got it from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2L64PYKkcg). Place it above the first video track layer.
  13. Double click the track video footage shape effect then select the menu [Compositing] – [Blending Mode]. Change it from Normal to Multiply. Click the [OK] button to save changes.intro text
  14. Preview the final result and export the video, for example, titled ‘intro text shape’.
  15. Further editing can be in the form of combining the ‘intro text shape’ video that was made above with additional ‘intro text shape 2’ and so on.
  16. As further editing, you can add other effects in the form of particle dust as the intro background. First, open a new Filmora project then import the ‘intro text shape 1’, ‘intro text shape 2’ and so on. Place it on the video track on the Filmora timeline.
  17. Import the particle dust footage (you can get it from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43xRLshuvj8) and place it over the intro text video track.
  18. Double click the particle dust track then select the menu [Compositing] – [Blending Mode], then change it from Normal to Screen, then click [OK] to save the changes.
  19. We make some changes to the text effect by adding a fade effect to the right end of the intro text track by selecting the [Effects] – [Fade] menu, then dragging it to the intro text video track. After being previewed, you will get the text animation running from the left then at the end of the time duration, it will disappear in the middle position.fade effect
  20. You can add sound effects to produce an attractive final file (you can choose it from https://www.zapsplat.com. An example of an intro of shaped effect with a particle dust background can be seen in the video below.