How To Create A Free WordPress Hosting at Awardspace.com

Awardspace is a German hosting company founded by pooling together the extensive expertise and knowledge of its two mother companies, Zetta Hosting Solutions Ltd and AttractSoft GmbH. Zetta Hosting Solutions Ltd. Itself is a hosting company founded in 2002 providing free HTML hosting. In the same time, AttractSoft GmbH has become a market leader in the field of software development and software outsourcing.

Since 2003, Awardspace offers free hosting with “no ads” guarantee with user-friendly control panel and now successfully develop rich features as below :

  1. Host 1 (one) domain and 3 (three) subdomains. You can host one domain (both free or your own domain name) and also create up to 3 (three) free subdomains.
  2. Create an email account. You can create an email account, like yourname@yourdomain.com which be able both send and receive emails.
  3. Web based file manager. By using File Manager, you can easily upload your files to your cPanel.
  4. Unlike Hostinger, Awardpsace provide “one-click installer” instead of manual installation via FTP. With this great feature, you can install and setup the most popular CMS like Joomla and WordPress by a simple way.
  5. 100% ad-free. They said that their free hosting service is absolutely free ads.
  6. 1GB free disk space.
  7. 5GB free monthly bandwidth.
  8. 1 MySQL database.

If you are interested in creating free hosting in Awardspace, you can follow the steps below :

  1. Go to http://www.awardspace.com.
  2. Create your account by sign up there or just log in if you already have ones.
  3. You will be redirected to awardspace.net.
  4. Click Zacky Installer for a quick install. awardspaceThey provide you with 2 (two) CMS platform : WordPress and Joomla. I choose WordPress for simplicity and we can create a blog in a little minute. They also offer good customization (a ton of themes and plugins).awardspace
  5. Pick your preferred theme to use. Click “Next” after choosing the theme.
  6. Choose your plugins as many as you want. However, you don’t need to select it if you would like to use the plain installation with all basic functionality. Click “Next”.
  7. Configure your web site settings. You must select your existing domain or register a new one.awardspace
  8. Enter your existing domain in “Host Domain” box. When you have an existing hosted domain and want to change with another domain, you should delete or unhost domain for the first name and then reapply with a new name (beware that by clicking “Unhost”, your previous hosting of the first domain will be removed).awardspace
  9. Select the destination where your web will be installed (leave it blank if you would like to install in your root domain folder).
  10. Enter your website title and administration credentials (admin email address, username and password). Click “Next” and click “Install Now!”.awardspace
  11. Finish.

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