How To Convert JPEG to Transparent PNG Image

JPEG logos have limited use, especially when they want to be added to other image or video media. JPEG images that do not have transparent colours sometimes cause the display when combined with other media to be annoying.

For that, sometimes we need a transparent PNG format image that can be used easily on other media. What is meant by a transparent logo is a logo that has a transparent background (does not have a specific colour including white). This is what distinguishes the use between a JPEG format image with a transparent PNG image.

With a transparent image, it can be overlaid onto other image or video media. For example, you want to make a watermark on every photo uploaded to social media, or you want to make a YouTube video by displaying your channel logo so that it is easy for visitors to remember and not easily hijacked by others.

Although transparent image formats can be created with several file types such as GIF (Graphic Interchange Format), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), and PNG (Portable Network Graphics), PNG formats are more commonly used.

But for some people who do not master image editing software, preparing transparent PNG format image files is not an easy matter. Special editing techniques are needed that not everyone can do.

But now you can make PNG files transparent even though your ability level is not as great as the logo designer. If you haven’t mastered graphic software like Photoshop (that is able to get rid of the background colour of an image), you can do that by utilizing the online service that is easily found on the internet. One of the image web generators that can turn your JPEG files into transparent PNG is LunaPic.

How to Convert Your JPEG to PNG Image Using LunaPic

Following are the steps in converting a JPEG format image into transparent PNG using LunaPic:

  1. Open the LunaPic website at https://www5.lunapic.com/editor/.
  2. Click the [Upload] button under the words Edit a Photo then find the file location where your JPEG image is placed. LunaPic
  3. Click the [Edit] – [Transparent Background] menu. LunaPic
  4. Click on the area where the colour will be removed so that the part becomes transparent. For example, in the logo that I uploaded, I want to remove the black background. So I just click on the black area.
  5. Now the black colour has disappeared and leaves the other parts of the image that has retained its colour. If there are other parts of the colours that you also want to remove, do the same steps until the process of removing the coloured area is complete. LunaPic
  6. Click the [Apply] button.
  7. Click the [File] – [Save Image} menu, then click the [Save as PNG] button. The final file will be downloaded and stored on your PC. PNG
  8. Done.

Example of the use of transparent PNG image that was originally from JPEG format can be seen in the image below.

PNG Image