How to Check WP Theme Error due to Conflict with Plugins

Sometimes we don’t realize that adding various plugins into WordPress can cause conflicts with installed themes. Therefore actually we should not carelessly install plugins on WordPress because not all plugins are compatible with the theme and specifications of the hosting server.

Then how to check for conflicts without having to know advanced web programming?

In this article, I would like to show you how to check for any conflicts appear between plugins installed and your WP (WordPress) theme. You can use WP plugin namely Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin by The WordPress.org community, to check or identify any conflicts between plugins and themes.

With Troubleshooting mode, this plugin gives you a testing conflict without bothering your visitors because only you as the administrator can see any changes occur and then disable the plugins. In the debug section, you can gather information about the WordPress specification and hosting server configuration and share to the developer of themes and developer of plugins, or the official of WordPress.org forums.

After installation finish, you can choose the Troubleshooting mode directly from the Plugins page in your WordPress dashboard. You can click on the Troubleshoot link located in below any active plugins name to keep only Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin enabled on the default theme.

As an example, if you have installed many plugins, you can choose only one active and enabled, let’s say Advanced Ads plugin, and if the problem or conflict is gone, then go to the next process. Or check if the problem still arises after each of them :

  • switch to the main WP theme available in the Theme area
  • enable other add-ons from Advanced Ads
  • enable the plugins you considered be related to the issue

If you then face a conflict or issue between plugin and theme, there are 2 (two) options: you could clone your web or blog as a staging site, or the plugin developer team give you access to one of their test sites.

This plugin is created by WordPress.org community to be a support system for as many WP (WordPress) admin or owner as possible, so this plugin also can be used in older WP versions. At this time, the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin has been tested with every version of PHP ranging from 5.2 through 7.3 and all can work well. Also, this plugin has been translated into 25 (twenty-five) languages: Arabic, Albanian, Czech, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Dutch, English (Australia), English (Canada), English (UK), English (South Africa), English (New Zealand), French (France), French (Canada), Greek, German, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Persian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Romanian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Venezuela), Swedish, Tibetan, and Ukrainian.

When this post was prepared, the last version of this plugin is 1.4.4 with active installations reach 200,000+. And as open-source software, you can participate in the plugin developments both as contributor or translator team, especially for the region that has no editors.

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