How to Check Copyrighted Music in YouTube

Becoming a YouTuber may now be a dream for many people ranging from teenagers to adults. Not only because YouTube has become a free video distribution channel provided by Google, but also can be used as a revenue field for YouTube content creators.

It was so famous that YouTube is able to bewitch many people. When children today are asked if they are adults what they want to be. The answer: YouTuber!. A choice that cannot be completely blamed. Today’s millennial generation certainly has a different perspective on how to earn money. In contrast to the typical old people who still consider that being an employee is the best choice for earning an income.

Understanding YouTube Policy about Copyright

YouTube explanation about this copyright issue can be read on the page titled What is copyright?. It was explained that in many countries, when someone makes or creates an original work, he has the copyright for his work. And as the copyright owner, they have the exclusive right to use their work in the projects and work they do. And only the copyright holder will decide whether someone can use the results of his work or not.

The types of works attached to the copyright include audiovisual works (TV shows, films, and online videos), sound and music recordings, written works (books, articles, and lectures), visual works (posters, advertisements, and paintings), video games and PC software.

So, the first step if you would like to use other people’s work is to ask permission from the copyright owner in advance. Thus, giving credit to the copyright owner does not automatically give you to use their work. Also when you record yourself doesn’t mean you are free from copyright infringement. Because in your recording, there is someone else’s copyrighted content, then you still need to get permission from the copyright owners.

How to Check Copyrighted Music in YouTube

Back when I first created a YouTube account and started uploading videos that have background music on my channel, I didn’t understand that YouTube has a policy regarding the use of copyrighted music.

Because YouTube is in the middle between copyright owners and YouTubers, they facilitate both when there is a conflict between the two. YouTube creates a directory called Music Policy Directory. In this list, you can see a list of songs that have been set by the copyright owner. Copyright owners decide how they want their work to be used on YouTube. So, if you use music listed in the Music Policy Directory, you may get a Content ID Claim, informing you that you used a copyrighted content.

If your work is monetized under YouTube Adsense, the copyright owners can choose to share some revenue with you depending on their policies. If in the future, the copyright owners change the policy, your revenue can also be affected.

A Little Case in My YouTube Video

I once made a video recording when my second child was born in 2017. At that time, I uploaded the video recording with background music. The music was sung by a traditional Javanese singer, Indonesia, named Waldjinah entitled Lelo Ledung.

After 3 years have passed, my channel received subscribers and viewers that met the minimum requirements for monetization. Then I tried to check whether the song was included in the Music Policy Directory.

search box

After searching, it turned out that the Lelo Ledung song was included in the Music Policy Directory list with the description, “If you use this song, you can’t monetize your video.

As such, I will not be able to monetize the video for my own benefit. The revenue from YouTube advertising will be the property of the copyright owner. So in vain, I expect income from YouTube advertising programs due to the use of copyrighted music. For that reason, I did not change the status of Monetization from Off to On. Next, I plan to upload a new video that does not contain copyrighted content.