How to Check Copyrighted Music in YouTube

Becoming a YouTuber may now be a dream for many people ranging from teenagers to adults. Not only because YouTube has become a free video distribution channel provided by Google, but also can be used as a revenue field for YouTube content creators.

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How to Make Money by URL Shortening

If you have a web or blog that provides many download links to the various types of document such as software, music, photos, and others, it will certainly produce a lot of links to the place or location of the file stored both in your internal server or external online storage such as dropbox, Google […]

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10000 Views to Monetize Youtube Channel 2017

YouTube made a new policy on April 07, 2017, which set the minimum views of your channel as many as 10000 before it can be included in the YPP (YouTube Partner Program). Since YouTube introduces this requirement, it seems to be making a bit of trouble for new Youtubers, though it doesn’t really affect users […]

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