Another Way to Make Flickering Title Text in Filmora

If in the previous article I have shared with you about how to make flickering title text in Filmora, in this article I will write about how to create the same effect but with a different method.

In my opinion, the method that I will convey or explain in this article is better than the previous method where the fundamental difference is the way of placing track of sample colours and track of title text.

Follow the steps for making the title text flickering as in the following steps:

  1. Open your Wondershare Filmora 9 application.
  2. Make a background first (can use sample colors or other background images that have been prepared previously). For example, I chose grey as sample colour. Place it on the main video track as layer 1.
  3. Next, create a title text by selecting the menu [Titles] – [Default Title], then move it to the Filmora timeline as layer 2 (its position is above layer 1). Right-click then selects [Advanced edit] to make changes to the title text. title text
  4. To create a flicker effect, select the same sample colour as layer 1 from the [Sample Colors] menu and then moved (drag & drop) it to the Filmora timeline as layer 3.
  5. The next step is to provide a flicker effect. To make it, cut the tracks on layer 3 into 7 (seven) separate frames. To do this, first, maximize the track display on the Filmora timeline then cut (slice) 1 (one) initial frame. Forward the cursor 1 (one) frame then copy and paste the first frame earlier. And so on until about 7 (seven) times.
  6. Delete frames 2, 4, and 6. You do this by dragging frame 2 to frame 1 (overwritten), frame 4 to frame 3, and frame 6 to frame 5. Don’t do it by deleting as usual because later the next frame will be shift automatically to the left so that it cannot be alternated. title text
  7. Remaining unused frames should be deleted. Then copy and paste the results of making the flicker effect at the beginning of the track to another desired position, for example, in seconds 1, 2, 3, and 4. flickering
  8. The final composition of the flicker title text can be seen in the following video.